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Friday, June 28, 2013


Me with an empty espresso cup eye.
My name is Drew Miner and I love coffee.  I have been in the coffee industry since 2002.  I started as a barista and from there have managed shops and roasted coffee for craft roasters.  I have been trained by La Marzocco to repair espresso machines and have worked on just about every piece of equipment there is in a cafe.  I have done just about everything there is to do to coffee, with coffee, or about coffee that doesn't require a passport.  I even tried to grow some beans in my own home but that hasn't worked out so well yet.

Fresh Press Coffee is a place for anyone who loves coffee can come to find coffee news, information, and just all around general coffee knowledge.  If you are a coffee novice, self proclaimed geek, or coffee professional I hope to have something for you.  From reviews of specific coffees to best brewing methods to information about where your coffee comes from so you can make informed decisions to get the coffee you want into your cup.  I want you to leave here knowing something you didn't before you arrived.

I will have articles about coffee from the smaller craft roasters with an emphasis on southern and middle U.S.  I will cup them via several different brewing methods and rate each method to give you the best method for your particular taste.  I will have information for roasting coffee, about roasting coffee, and about roasted coffee.  I will have information about the next new and upcoming equipment, brewing methods, and cafes and roasteries.

If I leave something out that you want to know about let me know.  I want all your feedback. Let me know what you want to hear about and how you think I should do it.  You can follow me on Facebook, Google+, Twitter @fpcoffee, instagram as Freshpresscoffee, and Vine.

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