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Monday, March 10, 2014

And I'm Back, (with a) Baby!

Happy Monday.  

Having a kid turns out to be a bit more hands on than I expected.  It has been 6 months since my last post.  Some days it feels like a week since and some days it feels like years.  But either way I have an awesome little 5 month old boy.  And that makes all the difference to me.

I do have some changes to announce.  Due to having a kiddo now it is fairly difficult to find time to write as often as before and money to buy coffee to test is pretty limited.  I will probably be making only one or two posts a week give or take. 

I would like to start doing some video of some sort but I am not exactly sure what that would look like right now.  I have a pretty cheap video camera and no editing software or experience in that area so it would probably look pretty rough.

So with little time to do as much research as I would like I pose a question of you.  What is your favorite coffee roaster and which varietal of theirs do you like best?  I originally intended to focus on smaller independent Midwestern coffee roasters but I am open to other suggestions.  Leave me a comment below on who you would like me to show off for you.