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Monday, March 10, 2014

And I'm Back, (with a) Baby!

Happy Monday.  

Having a kid turns out to be a bit more hands on than I expected.  It has been 6 months since my last post.  Some days it feels like a week since and some days it feels like years.  But either way I have an awesome little 5 month old boy.  And that makes all the difference to me.

I do have some changes to announce.  Due to having a kiddo now it is fairly difficult to find time to write as often as before and money to buy coffee to test is pretty limited.  I will probably be making only one or two posts a week give or take. 

I would like to start doing some video of some sort but I am not exactly sure what that would look like right now.  I have a pretty cheap video camera and no editing software or experience in that area so it would probably look pretty rough.

So with little time to do as much research as I would like I pose a question of you.  What is your favorite coffee roaster and which varietal of theirs do you like best?  I originally intended to focus on smaller independent Midwestern coffee roasters but I am open to other suggestions.  Leave me a comment below on who you would like me to show off for you.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Getting to Know You: Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is a country in the Pacific Islands just North of Australia.  The soil is a rich volcanic soil and the weather is some of the best for the cultivation of coffee.  The central region of the country is the Highlands which is at an altitude of  1,500 meters to 2,100 meters.  Coffee production in Paupa New Guinea dates back to the late 1920's when the Highlands were first explored. The original seedlings were the Jamaican Blue Mountain which were planted in 1927.  

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Roaster Spotlight: Copper Canyon Coffee Roasters

This weeks roaster spotlight is Copper Canyon Coffee Roasters of Springfield, Missouri in the heart of the Ozarks.  They are on the SW side of town at 4268 S. Hillcrest Ave. Suite 8, Springfield, MO 65810 (soon to be suite 1 in September 2013).  They are a family owned and operated business offering single origin & blends. They utilize organically farmed, and fair trade coffee when available.  I'll be heading through Springfield around Thanksgiving.  I will definately be stopping by to see these guys.

Let me introduce you to Sean Hunziker.  He is the head roaster and owner at Copper Canyon Coffee Roasters.  

Monday, August 5, 2013

Coffee Spotlight: Copper Canyon's Papua New Guinea

It just arrived this morning and so I rushed around to get it posted as quickly as possible so you all could have a chance to try this as soon as possible.  This will probably be the best Papua New Guinea coffee you have ever had.  Just sayin'.

ORIGIN: Papua New Guinea, Purosa A 
LOCATION: Okapa Valley, Eastern Highlands Province
ALTITUDE: 1,550-2,100m
VARIETAL: Typica (Jamaican) and Bourbon (Kenya)
PROCESS: Wet processed
CUP: Sweet and bright acidity with a full, balanced body, complimented by caramel and floral overtones and an apricot-cocoa finish.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Riding the (3rd) Wave

Imagine, if you will, you are a surfer.  Not just any surfer, but a pretty good surfer.  One who competes on a national level, if not global.  (I don't really know anything about surfing so this analogy may be a wipe out, pun partially intended.)  So say there are different types of waves.  And also say that there are some new waves that are completely different than any waves ever before.  Maybe better, maybe not.  But a lot of people like them and all the top performers will only surf these waves.  They roll different and you can do different moves on them, all in ways that have not been done in a long time, if ever.

This is like third wave coffee.  It is something new and different and people like it.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Roaster Spotlight: Arsaga's

Today's roaster spotlight is a long time Fayetteville shop. My very first experience in coffee was my dad taking me to their first store on Block St. for a cappuccino. They were instrumental in fostering my love of coffee. They will always hold a special place in my coffee filled heart. 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Arsaga's Discount Code

Good News everyone!  The good people over at Arsaga's have a gift for you. It's a coupon! Use the promo code freshpress when ordering and get 15% off your entire order until August 31, 2013! How amazing is that?

Coffee Spotlight: Arsaga's Kenya (Nyeri) Peaberry

Today's coffee sample is the Kenya Peaberry from Arsaga's Fayetteville Coffee Roasters in Fayetteville, Ar. 

FACTORY: Gatugi Factory
COOPERATIVE: KIri Mara Cooperative
REGION: Located on the eastern slopes of Aberdare ranges; 140 kilometers North of Nairobi City in the Nyeri District
ALTITUDE: 1,700-2,100m
VARIETAL: Arabica (SL and Ruiri 11)
PROCESS: Hand-picked, wet processed, and gradually sun-dried
CUP: Vibrant, bright notes of rose hip.  As the cup cools, clear notes of blueberry and tropical fruit.