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Monday, August 5, 2013

Coffee Spotlight: Copper Canyon's Papua New Guinea

It just arrived this morning and so I rushed around to get it posted as quickly as possible so you all could have a chance to try this as soon as possible.  This will probably be the best Papua New Guinea coffee you have ever had.  Just sayin'.

ORIGIN: Papua New Guinea, Purosa A 
LOCATION: Okapa Valley, Eastern Highlands Province
ALTITUDE: 1,550-2,100m
VARIETAL: Typica (Jamaican) and Bourbon (Kenya)
PROCESS: Wet processed
CUP: Sweet and bright acidity with a full, balanced body, complimented by caramel and floral overtones and an apricot-cocoa finish.

Brewing Process: Aeropress
Water: 250g
Coffee: 15g
Acidity: nice medium brightness, not overbearing
Body: light body similar to 1% milk mouthfeel
Flavors: a slight milk chocolate with a good apricot sweeetness aftertaste and a little buttery throughout.

Notes: I think this was my favorite method.  There was not a prominent toffee flavor for me in the aeropress but the buttery flavors were present.  The sweetness was reminiscent of apricot in the aftertaste.

Brewing Process:
Water: 250g
Coffee: 15g
Acidity: one of the higher acidity methods, but not unplesant
Body: medium body, almost a 2% feel to it.
Flavors: cocoa nibs and toffee and a tartness of stone pit fruits

Notes: Maybe my second favorite method of the bunch.  The cocoa nibs and toffee didn't become prominent until the after taste but were prominent.

Brewing Process:
 French Press
Water: 250g
Coffee: 15g
Acidity: much lower acidity but still a nice hint of brightness
Body: good strong body betweeen 2% and whole milk
Flavors: bakers chocolate to dark chocolate, sweet and slightly buttery finish

Notes: The chocolate was a nice dark chocolate flavor that was complemented very well with the slight acidity.  It had a slightly sweet and dry finish with a hint of butter throughout.

Brewing Process:
Water: 600g
Coffee: 35g
Acidity: medium
Body: light, similar to skim milk
Flavors: cocoa nibs, apricot

Notes: The cocoa nibs are most apparent here with a good apricot sweetness.  The acidity was just about as middle of the road as you could get, neither too much nor too lacking.  

Brewing Process:
 Moka Pot
Water: 300g
Coffee: 28g
Acidity: highest of the bunch
Body: about the same as 1% milk.
Flavors: buttery toffee and slight citrus tartness and a dark chocolate finish.

Notes: Pretty high acidity and very chocolate, dark and dry like pure cocoa.  The buttery toffee was there through the entire process but not real strong.

It always amazes me how very average and like-able the autodrip is compared to the other methods.  You could pretty much just draw a flat line through all of the criteria and that would be autodrip.  It was a pretty good cup.  The aeropress was the top contender with this coffee for me, even without the toffee flavors.  But to get the most out of this coffee, I am leaning pretty hard towards the melitta.  It had the best profile of flavors for this coffee but I just liked the overall of the aeropress the most.

So get yourself over to Copper Canyon Coffee Roasters and mention Fresh Press Coffee in the comments while ordering and you will receive a special gift.  What is this gift you may ask?  Well, it is nothing less than a 2 oz. sample of their Costa Rican honey process.  That is pretty much the exact recipe for my favorite coffee.  Costa Rican coffee is almost always my favorite and I really like the honey process too.  Costa Rican + honey process = probably the best thing in the world.

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