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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Coffee Spotlight: Arsaga's Kenya (Nyeri) Peaberry

Today's coffee sample is the Kenya Peaberry from Arsaga's Fayetteville Coffee Roasters in Fayetteville, Ar. 

FACTORY: Gatugi Factory
COOPERATIVE: KIri Mara Cooperative
REGION: Located on the eastern slopes of Aberdare ranges; 140 kilometers North of Nairobi City in the Nyeri District
ALTITUDE: 1,700-2,100m
VARIETAL: Arabica (SL and Ruiri 11)
PROCESS: Hand-picked, wet processed, and gradually sun-dried
CUP: Vibrant, bright notes of rose hip.  As the cup cools, clear notes of blueberry and tropical fruit.

Brewing Process: Aeropress
Water: 250g
Coffee: 15g
Acidity: moderate to low acidity, not too sharp
Body: medium body similar to 1% milk.
Flavors: Cocoa, sugar, blueberry

Notes: The aeropress was a pretty good cup.  The rose hip was all but non existent in this sample.  It probably melded in with the blueberry and sugar notes.  I got some cocoa at the beginning that faded as it cooled. 

Brewing Process:
Water: 250g
Coffee: 15g
Acidity: bright
Body: medium body similar to 1% milk
Flavors: rose hip sweet and caramel

Notes: Another good cup. The body was nice, not too heavy.  The rose hip and sugary sweet was complemented with a little caramel finish.  There might have even been a slight hint of dark chocolate aftertaste.

Brewing Process:
 French Press
Water: 250g
Coffee: 15g
Acidity: low
Body: medium high body similar to a 2% milk
Flavors: mild sugar and floral notes with syrup and milk chocolate

Notes: The body was predictably heavier and the brightness was predictably less.  The rose hip was all but gone for me on this one.  There was a much more general sweetness like syrup and a muted chocolate finish.

Brewing Process:
Water: 650g
Coffee: 40g
Acidity: medium
Body: medium to light
Flavors: rose hips, sugar, and fruit

Notes: The regular old run of the mill coffee maker actually had the most complete flavor profile for the coffee.  The body was lighter than the others and the acidity was crisp.  This was the only method that I was able to really pick out some blueberry notes.

Brewing Process:
 Moka Pot
Water: 300g
Coffee: 28g
Acidity: high
Body: medium
Flavors: floral and fruit and sugar

Notes: The acidity was much more pronounced than the other samples.  The flavors were only floral and fruit and sugar on this one.  They were much more noticable but slightly muted at the same time.

This Kenyan was an overall hit.  Maybe it was the peaberry that pushed its performance.  Suprisingly, only the autodrip produced the full list of flavors even though all methods performed very well.  I would gladly drink this coffee through any of the above methods.   

Head on over to Arsaga's and get yourself some of their fine offering.  Let me know how your cup turns out in the comments.

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